Product Review: Uncle Harry’s Brushing Soap

At this point, I’ve tried a few different toothpaste products in the effort to maintain good oral hygiene without throwing plastic tubes of conventional toothpaste. I made my own (which was no good) and also tried the Tooth Fairy tooth powder from LUSH. I didn’t love Tooth Fairy because it was a bit messy to use and didn’t last long enough to be worth the $9.95 price tag. So, on a recent trip to Whole Foods, I picked up the Uncle Harry’s Brushing Soap.

The bottle declares, “wash your mouth out with soap – literally!” True to the product description, the first ingredient in this brushing soap is Castile soap. Because of the Castile soap, the product does suds up quite well (which makes it feel like it works better than my DIY toothpaste, even though I’m sure it’s just the placebo effect).


I don’t know who Uncle Harry is, but he makes a good toothpaste.

The Brushing Soap comes in a glass jar (yay!) with a small plastic lid (a bit of a bummer but at better than a tube at least). I’ve repurposed a small plastic cosmetics spatula to scoop the soap onto my bamboo toothbrush, but the bottle says the antiseptic properties of the essential oils make it hygienic to dip your brush directly into the bottle.


I think my jar will last quite a long time, so at $6 a jar, I feel pretty good about my purchase. I might try adding some cinnamon essential oil to cut the soap taste, but other than that I’m really enjoying the product. UPDATE: I put a few drops of cinnamon oil on my toothbrush and basically burned my mouth. Probably best if dropped directly into jar then stirred to combine.

Pros: Made in Washington (so local to me), pretty sustainable packaging, feels effective, only need a little at a time, and leaves my mouth feeling clean.
Cons: Tastes like soap.

P.S. Uncle Harry’s has a 30% discount code on their website right now so if you want to try Tooth Soap, or any one of their other products, now is a great time to buy.

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