Schmidt’s Deodorant

My most popular post to date is my review of T’eo Deodorant from LUSH, but I’ve got to admit that my opinions have changed since my original post. I bought a second bar of T’eo after my first one ran out, and ran into some problems. The bar was not as easy to apply, it was drier than my first bar and didn’t apply smoothly to my skin. I recently picked up a jar of the Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant in Bergamot and Lime and I have been really happy with it.

Schmidt’s is a Portland, Oregon based company that makes a variety of personal care items, including deodorant. Their wide range of natural deodorants come in conventionally packaged sticks (in case you’re just looking for something with no aluminum) or glass jars if you’re looking for sustainable packaging (though the lid is plastic). I love that the glass jar makes it a lot easier to travel with my deodorant and it’s also easier to store in my medicine cabinet.

To apply the deodorant, I just scrape a bit of the product out of the jar (with a tiny spatula that comes with the jar), rub it in my hands, and then apply to my underarms. The consistency in the jar is solid, but the little shavings turn into a cream when they get warm making it easy to apply to skin. I haven’t noticed any problem with getting white marks on my clothes and the application process is quick and easy.

Schmidt’s products come in scented and unscented options. While I know some people are not fans of scented deodorant, I think it’s helpful to get something with a scent when it comes to natural deodorants. The product is definitely effective all day, but the added scent ensures that I’m not musky by the end of the day. I particularly like the Bergamot and Lime smell because it smells fresh but doesn’t overpower the perfume I wear on a daily basis.

This much product is more than enough for both arms!

One of my favorite parts about Schmidt’s is that they offer a recycling program for their glass jar products. Return 5 glass jars and they’ll send you a free deodorant as a reward. They then sanitize and reuse the jar, which I think is really neat. Consumers have a lot of power when it comes to going zero waste, but ultimately, companies need to take more responsibility for producing products in smarter packaging and finding a way to manage waste more efficiently.

According to the Schmidt’s site, my jar should last me 3-5 months, making the $8.99 purchase price a bargain. If you’ve been on the hunt for a sustainably packaged, natural deodorant, I would highly recommend Schmidt’s. I picked up my jar at Whole Foods, but Schmidt’s products are also sold online and at conventional retailers like Target and Fred Meyer.


5 thoughts on “Schmidt’s Deodorant

  1. I recently tried the stick version of this deodorant, but I didn’t know it came in a pot! I liked the product itself, but the stick kind of fell apart, and it’s not zero waste either. I will be on the lookout for this version – seems like a much better value!

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  2. I received one of these as a sample but without a scraper! Since it’s a tiny sample jar, getting some on my fingers gets to be a challenge. But I started using this when my other natural deodorant started giving me a rash. That’s all cleared up now after using Schmidt’s!

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