My 2019 Shopping Plan

By now you probably know how much I loved “The Year of Less” in 2018. Last year, I also stumbled across the YouTube channel of Hannah Louise Poston, where she chronicled her 2018 No Buy Year. I’m starting 2018 with a no buy month (and to be honest I’ve already broken that but more on that for another post), and while I’d like to extend conscious shopping habits all year long, I don’t think I’m ready for a year-long shopping ban. I’ve been taking some time the past few weeks to consider what I’ll want and need throughout the year and how I’d like to purchase them. I hope that the rules I’ve come up with will make me a more responsible consumer in 2019 and help me get closer to my financial goals. Here are my rules of 2019:

  • Every new book, article of clothing, record, or makeup item must replace something I already own.
  • Look for second-hand first.
  • I can only purchase 5 books and 5 records during all of 2019.
  • No duplicates of makeup allowed for face products (multiple eyeshadows is ok), but any new makeup must replace a product that has run out.
  • If buying new, prioritize locally owned businesses and ethical products.
I’ll be using this notebook to track my spending, shopping habits, and items I part with in 2019 in order to keep up with my rules.

Some exceptions for the rules:

  • Home goods: Boyfriend and I need to update the bedding and drapes in our home. We could also use some more artwork, but artwork should be purchased second-hand or from local artists.
  • Camping Gear: Boyfriend is a big hiker/camper and this is something we’d like to do more of together in 2019. I have some REI gift cards from Christmas that I’ll use to start filling out my gear and I’ll look for anything else I need at second-hand shops. I will prioritize brands like Patagonia that prioritize environmental and social responsibility.
  • Bras/Underwear/Socks: Can be purchased new, but should be bought from ethical brands.
  • Personal health: Things that I need that will keep me healthy can be purchased without guilt, regardless of waste (like the allergy medicine I rely on to cohabitate with a cat).
  • Donations for nonprofits and gifts do not need to follow these guidelines but should reflect these values where possible.

I think the hardest part of my list will be severely limiting my record and book shopping. I’ve generally let myself by these without restraint, even as a zero waster. I usually look for second-hand books and records, but I have succumbed to purchasing new. There aren’t many records on my radar in 2019, so more records would only make my already substantial collection even more cluttered, and I can find plenty of books to read at the library.

I’ll be checking in every month with my shopping updates. Do you have any shopping rules for 2019? I’d love to hear them!


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