What I Bought: January

Just like 2018, I started 2019 with a no-buy in January. And, just like 2018, I didn’t actually go a month without buying anything. I set some clear guidelines for how I’m going to shop this year. Here’s what I bought in January and how they fit (or didn’t fit) my rules:

  • Two day passes for a climbing gym at the YWCA auction (Looking at my rules, I didn’t actually write anything about experiences, which is an oversight. I’m fully allowing myself experiences since they aren’t things so no issue here).
  • A “Galentines Basket” at the YWCA auction. Ok — so this had things in it, but I allowed this purchase because 1) it supports the YWCA 2) the things are useful and/or consumables. Items in the basket included: Two bottles of wine, two wine glasses, a book that was published by a friend, a candle, and nail polish.
I couldn’t pass up a book that my friend made, and candles are nice to have around.
  • A water Pik. I had some teeth issues last year and one concern my dentist raised was my gums. I haven’t been happy with any eco-friendly floss I’ve purchased. Even though the pik is plastic and came with a lot of plastic waste, this will be beneficial for my health so I’m letting this one slide.
  • Face mask. Ok here’s where I broke all  the rules and fell for some classic greenwashing. I was looking for soap in the natural health section at Fred Meyer and saw a face mask in a bottle that I thought was glass. I had been feeling bad about my skin for the past few days (which is ridiculous because my skin texture is honestly fine) and thought that bottle + natural health section = good for the environment. Normally, I tap containers to see if they’re in glass, which I totally forgot to do. I also forgot that I’m supposed to only bringing in makeup/personal care products that replace something I ran out of — not the case here. This is a great reminder that even after a year+ of zero waste, I’m still susceptible to greenwashing and in should practice, in the word’s of Mad-eye Moody, constant vigilance.
  • Filters for my air purifier. Now that I cohabitate with a cat, I have to use a few measures to keep myself healthy. My air purifier has been a huge help, and this month the filter needed replacing. I bought two filters, which are unfortunately predominately plastic, but because these are for health purposes this purchase follows the rules.
  • Running shoes. Sean and I have been going to the gym lately and my old running shoes were in dire need of replacement. I know there are eco friendly options on the market, but I wanted to be able to wear the shoes before I bought them, so I opted for a pair of Nikes from the mall. Nike isn’t a perfect brand, but they seem to be making a commitment to reducing their carbon footprint. Nike has a shoe recycling program so I’ll hold onto my old shoes and drop them off at a participating Nike store next time I’m in Seattle.
One of my rules is that new stuff must replace outgoing stuff. So say goodbye to 3+ year old running shoes and hello to my new ones.

Overall, I did a great job of keeping up with my rules for 2019. I didn’t even think about the fact that the basket I bought at the YWCA auction contained a book. It’s a bit overwhelming to think that I’ve already gone through 20% of my allotted book purchases for the year, but since I have access to a great library I don’t think this will be an issue. Now that it’s February, I’m not going on a buying spree and I’m sticking to my shopping rules. I’ll report back on my February purchases at the end of the month!


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